What is remedy for COVID-19 in Ayurved?

As it is a virus, strong immunity is one of the best weapon to fight with. Ayurveda suggests numerous ways to boost your immunity. Even AYUSH ministry have circulated a flyer regaarding the same.

Is Ayurveda an alternative to Allopathic medicines?

Technically speaking No. People think as it is a good alternative but for Indians Ayurveda is the mainstream medical science since ages. Certain means are still known to all as household remedies are from the ancient science. It was and it is a part of day to day life of Indians.

Does this a time consuming treatment?

Of course not. Ayurvedic treatments give quick results. But if you are suffering from a disease from years and expect to get relieved within 2-3 days, it becomes difficult.

Ayurevedic Medicines have no side effects. Is it true?

No. It is not. Every medicine used in a wrong condition or improper dose or both, can cause unwanted effects. They are adverse effects of drugs.
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