Sharad Jadhav
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Bhardwaj Ayurved    11-Feb-2022
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My wife had chronic kidney disease for the past 3 years and she was on Hemodialysis, her creatinine was in the range of 6 to 8. We visited Dr.Dhanajay Kulkarni, sir, for Ayurvedic treatment, and her creatinine range was declined to 2 for one and half years her Hemodialysis was stopped completely and she is fine & fit as of date.
Dr.Dhananjay Kulkarni sir is truly god for us. He is very friendly, polite, soft-spoken, cooperative, knowledgeable, helpful, and open-minded. He stand up behind us and encouraged us. His team is excellent and supportive like him."A good doctor treats the disease but the great and best doctor treats the patient who has the disease".
I wish him great success in throughout his life & pray to almighty to bestow him with health, happiness, and prosperity, so that he can serve the patients with his healing hands.
Thank you, thank you very much, sir!!!